And that's a wrap!

by Natalie Shaw

Today was a good day. Not only did it start with a bowl of porridge about the size of my head (give or take a few banana slices) but I was also complimented by Santa Claus (multiple Santa's actually) and even given free candy canes. Before you ask, no, I am not insane. Santa liked my sunnies. Well, rather, the man dressed as Santa surrounded by about five other men dressed as Santa, liked my sunnies. But you know what, I'm claiming it. AND what's more, that aint even the best bit. Now I'll bet every single one of you has their five year old self screaming, "Santa was not the best bit!?!" Well pipe down in front. He totally wasn't. So what beat meeting big red you ask? Potentially meeting A. That's what. For all you Pretty Little Liars fans out there, I don't actually think Jenna is A, I think Aria is - a chit chat for another day - but I did totally meet her. Jenna, that is. AKA the lovely, and incredibly beautiful Tammin Sursok.

As a blogger and editor for the amazing designer Karen Gee and her simply stunning label - seriously, check it out and bask in the sheer fabulousness of it all - I am often fortunate enough to attend shoots, runway events and heartwarming charity campaigns as a spectator who then gives a write up on all the fun. Pretty cool huh?

Today was no exception. Kaz is often dressing miss Tammin Sursok and the lovely Erin Molan - and thus when they heard a brand new line was being released, naturally, they wanted in. This afternoon, we shot a number of these stunning new designs, complete with girly chats, gorgeous hair and make up (nice work ladies!), one very cute baby, a few too many flights of stairs, and models and photographers scaling the rooftops - I kid you not. Normally, I'm not one to shut up too easily, and I promise to spill all the beans/some behind the scenes images as soon as I have permission, but for now, know this:

Tammin is a total babe, Erin is a sweetheart, every single person on that set today - from hair to makeup to photography and videography - are damn good at what they do, and, yet again, the one and only Karen Gee has well and truly outdone herself. For a sneak peek of all the fun, head on over to the Karen Gee blog this Sunday, and for the amazing new collection.. Stay tuned. It's well worth the wait, I promise you that. So does A, and when does she ever disappoint?

- N x

Well, well. Look who finally decided to show up!

by Natalie Shaw

Okay, so. About a week ago I made a little announcement via my instagram account saying that something very new and very exciting was in the works in the form of my very own website. I was all like, "guys I am launching a blog and recipes and fun stuff and this is super exciting and this is really happening and blah blah blah" and then, well, nothing was happening. It was all very anti climatic and I would apologise, but you know what, I'd rather just release a really yummy recipe over on my "Allergy Queen" page instead. Take it or leave it guys, I'm too happy to notice. Why you ask? Because, despite the above statement, and okay, okay a little tardiness, THIS IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING.

After much debate with the web world as to whether it wanted to play nice - I swear, the internet is one seriously picky place. I mean, he's all like, do I feel like running slow or fast today? Do I want to host that web name? I don't know man, you're telling me we're all mad here, and I don't know how I feel about that - luckily Mr Internet decided he felt okay about it. After much coaxing, and "oh my gosh, dad please make this nonsense be less nonsense-y" moments, here we are. Cue happy dance.

So, without further ado, welcome to my little mess of everything. As you'll learn on the about page, my name is Natalie, you can call me Nat (look at that, besties already), and I am a qualified Stylist and Creative Director. Among other things, I am very interested in nutrition, and am hoping to commence study in this field. With that in mind, I am often experimenting in the kitchen - so along with my fashion and lifestyle posts, styling and creative work, and general unfiltered musings, I will also be offering some healthy (but yummy, I promise!) recipes. Follow, bookmark, whatever it is you do in this wacky web world, and join the fun. This is definitely the place to be kids! x x x

** If this website continues to grow and my instagram hits the 100k mark, I may let you guys see my happy dance. It's very good. So You Think You Can Dance has been calling me for years now.