by Natalie Shaw

The most beautiful people aren't beautiful in their complexion alone. Often you'll find their beauty is found in what and who they are and the way in which they carry themselves. It's not always those who are considered to be perfect who can hold ones interest, but it is those who have found perfection in their flaws. They don't give up in the face of danger, fear or grief. They were taught never to leave a man behind and they fight for everything they believe. They are beautiful because they have seen pain, heart ache and loss. They are beautiful because they can still find beauty in others who have damaged them beyond repair. They are beautiful because they have hope, and they are heroes because they are still standing tall against the weight of all odds. Next time you are jealous of someone, just stop to imagine what has made them this way. It's not always the easiest path.

Sometimes even heroes need to have a rest, and sometimes they too need to fall. It doesn't make them any less of a hero, it just makes them human. Beautifully human.