I can't.

by Natalie Shaw

Don't get me wrong. I am all for remakes of movies, TV shows, music etc. It's fun, and usually, really exciting when done well. Take Little Red Riding Hood with Amanda Seyfried for example - I love when a classic Disney tale is turned a little sinister and taken back to its darker roots. I love when shows, like 90210, that you miss are brought back and made new. I love when movies are turned into a series, a la the Carrie Diaries (bring it back people!). But what I don't love, is when they decide to touch particular classics that should not be touched. Some films are just not remakeable. You could never have another Chandler Bing - just watch the reruns - nor could you replace Seth Cohen. 10 things I hate about you would simply be 10 things I hate about this remake, and let's be honest, Regina George will never be able to victimize anyone like that again. What about Never Been Kissed? A Walk To Remember? Or My Best Friend's Wedding!? Could you really imagine anyone else playing these characters? I think not. Titanic! Do I even have to justify that? Although, I would like to see a Rose that doesn't take up the whole damn door. Selfish bitch. But, in hopes of not getting caught up that whole other tirade - I can trash talk Rose for hours, years even - I bring you the reason for this rant. She's All That. It's in the name. She is all that, the movie is all that. The rumours that they want to reboot this film? No. Just no. A favourite of mine, that I can probably (definitely) recite from start to finish, this movie is just not meant to be remade. It is perfect the way it is, and in my opinion, should not be touched. It should just be watched. Over and over and over... Movie marathon this weekend anyone?