Think Pink with Nicole Richie!

by Natalie Shaw

This post will be in no way long because I may or may not still be too incredibly over the moon to type. Like literally on cloud nine. If you know me, follow me on social media, have worked with me and seen/talked inspirations, you would know that Nicole Richie is my biggest hero, style icon and all round girl crush. It has been my dream to meet her. A life goal you might even say. One that I clearly never thought would happen but TOTALLY JUST HAPPENED. Yep! I MET NICOLE RICHIE. Colour me excited. And pink.

How might very well be a question you are asking or thinking out loud considering we are not face to face. Well my dears, Westfield Parramatta hosted a Fashion Workshop and Exclusive Cocktail Party in conjunction with Myer and the ATC Races, and there my friends is where it all went down. We chatted, we laughed, we took selfies. So. Many. Selfies. And I fell in love even more. This girl was so nice and genuine, and even more gorgeous and stylish in person.

I was lucky enough to have been given a plus one and thus took my mum and bestfriend for a cute mother/daughter date. Upon arrival we were given champagne and fancy pants canapes - none of which I could really take in given my excitement, much to the poor waitress' dismay. Points for effort though - that girl really tried to entice us. I'll try your beetroot smoked something rather next time, promise! We then waited, chatting to other guests, for the girl of the moment to arrive. I think I almost wet myself with excitement - probably for the best I didn't drink.

At around half past five, in she walked looking beautiful in head-to-toe Balmain. She was asked a few questions by the host - "what are you expecting for your first time at the races this weekend?" Understandably, she began to fumble a little having never attended before, until, "horses?" Good one mum. Nicole enjoyed that though and wholeheartedly agreed, "Yes, I should hope there are horses!"  Ice broken. From there on Nicole mingled, chatted and was more than happy to take a million (and one) photos before we were taken down to join the front row of her Fashion Show alongside Nikki Phillips, Toni Maticevski and Johnny Schembri of By Johnny. Here, when Nicole walked on stage, I scored a special little wave - it pays off to suggest a selfie, obviously, and I most definitely entered cloud nine. And it is here that I have taken up residence since.

This is a night I will never forget. I will be posting a few more exclusive images over the next few weeks via instagram, ( @natalieshaw_xo ) so feel free to follow for more. Until then... I think it's time I dyed my hair back to pink, don't you? ;)