So that just happened..

by Natalie Shaw

"We should totally go see the boys at their final show.. in Perth." "I actually would though." "Me too.."

You have probably noticed by my countless social media posts - that I am in no way sorry for - I have a teensy weensy, massive crush on Harry Styles and co. I talked my friend, Liss, into coming to their amazing Sydney show the other week - something that made sense considering we live in Sydney. I mean you can see the logic right? Right. Liss then fell in love - I quite literally created a monster and it could not be more great - and we may or may not have spontaneously flew to Perth for their final show. Maybe. We definitely did. And it was probably not so logical, but boy was it brilliant. And you know what's even more brilliant!? Being about eight or so people away from the stage. Hello heaven and cue almost fainting at least 5 times. Joking. Kind of. #stillnotsorry