Just keep dancing like you're twenty.. three?

by Natalie Shaw

Right. I have been MIA again but I have a damn good reason this time. IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY WEEK! I grew older in years maybe, but I most definitely did not (and will not ever) grow up. To celebrate the end of my catchy Tay Sway tune era, I road tripped to Tamworth with a bunch of friends where we spent two nights and three days exploring, dancing, eating and laughing at the Tamworth Country Music Festival. Pure gold. If you know me at all, which I hope you do by now, you know that I am country music addicted - so this trip was the icing on my gluten free cupcake. And yes, I got one of those too.

While the journey to and fro was long - and very torturous on the butt for those of us (ie me) who have an injured tailbone - the trip was totes worth it. Think glow in the dark balloons, a sworn rendition of "Happy Birthday" complete with sparklers, and four wheel driving. Think picnics, live music and tricks, busking, karaoke and cowboys. Think giant couches, delirious conversations and meowing presents. Think perfection and you've got my weekend wrapped up in a neat little bow. And below, you'll see it in all its photographed glory. Enjoy - I sure did! :)

Catch you on the flipside.. Nat x x x