Me, Myself and I..nstagram.

by Natalie Shaw

So here's the thing. I am a qualified stylist and creative director so in my defence that justifies my love and addiction of instagram. Surely. Humour me people, coz if it doesn't, then I am in some serious need of insta-rehab. And Nike rehab come to think of it, but that's a conversation for a whole other post. Where were we? Right! Instagram. Do you follow me? You should. We can totally be bestfriends. I post a mess of everything - fashion, lifestyle, friends and the fam bam, quotes, food - you name it, I've probably posted it at some point. And captioned it with a witty reference to Mean Girls. It's a very common theme to my feed. What I tend to post the most - or at least have the most fun creating - is stylised shots. I love making things pretty. A lot of the time that means creating mini shoots with different things I have, modelling clothes myself, and forcing my family into taking pictures or holding things in place just so, but on Thursday this was not the case. On Thursday I had work with lovely designer, boss and friend, Karen Gee.

While I was in there to write up the website descriptions for her beautiful new additions to the collection - I was soon abandoning this to play dress ups. The ultimate job really. Kaz was put into any designs I wanted and directed into some of the silliest and smallest corners to get some awesome insta shots. I also got to play with flat lays - and even had Kaz foot modelling for me, pushed very uncomfortably into a wall while I told her to "relax." She was a great sport. We got some awesome shots that will be up soon and I had a truly awesome day. It's almost too much fun when an instagram addict gets to run wild with instagram styling. Almost. Right, so about that rehab, where do I sign up?

Nat x x x

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