Oh hey there 2015! Nice to meet you!

by Natalie Shaw

So I've been a really bad friend, I admit, and have been slacking off on updating you here with my every stupid and silly thought. You must be feeling so deprived. Before I apologise and swear to never go this long without speaking to you ever again (which is a total lie because lets face it, I will get super busy again and naturally forget about you), let me tell you this: my head is not the sanest place to be, hence the url "we're all mad here," so maybe, just maybe, I was actually doing you a favour. Also, I'm really sorry and I promise to never go this long without speaking to you again. Honest! ;)

Since we last spoke - a lot of exciting, happy, and some very terrifying, things have occurred - one of them including a diamond ring. Intrigued? Read on, I dare you.

First things first - the terror. So, there I was the eve of Christmas Eve, enjoying a very yummy gingerbread man, as you do, when I start to taste some blood, and suddenly, can not chew on one side. Not the norm obviously, so I run to the mirror to learn I have broken my tooth in half. The cookie was super soft, so I am unsure exactly how this occurred, but I have always been "special" so this wasn't the main concern. Neither was the pain, or what the repercussions or costs involved of a broken tooth would entail. No, my main concern came in one sentence spoken by my father; "I will call the dentist tomorrow." Now, I know that technically, I am an adult, and yes, technically, I am supposed to be brave and not be scared of the dentist. But I am not brave, and I am never going to grow out of this irrational fear, technicalities be damned. Who's with me!? Yeah, yeah, pipe down in front. I'm not finished yet. The real terror sunk in when the next day I was forced into the dentist chair and the evil, evil man - he's actually very nice - whips out a needle the size of China. Gulp. He proceeded to pull out the broken half, and tell me I needed a crown and that I would be coming back in January to get it. Upon learning that this was A) not anything like a princess crown and B) would be involving more needles, I high tailed it out of there as fast as my tiny size five feet could carry me with my poor father in tow. Just like a child really. #oops

I have managed to put the trauma of this behind me - for now - as we then enjoyed an amazing Christmas. With the day before spent in the kitchen whipping up some yummy allergy friendly foods including a brownie from scratch - just call me Jaime Oliver - and the night watching THE best Christmas movie of all time - The Grinch - I was feeling very merry indeed. Christmas Day was spent at ours surrounded by family and enough food to feed a small army, which is exactly the way I like it. The day did end with me face first on the ground however, as a result of my sister deciding it would be a great idea for all the cousins to hold me up in a photo like a "sausage." I disregarded the very unflattering sausage likening, very gallantly I thought, only for them to drop me straight on the ground. I may be small, but no one should be lifted after Christmas lunch. Let's be honest. For that reason, and that reason alone, I decided to forgive them. Also, it was actually hilarious and as a severely uncoordinated human, it is usually only a matter of time before I end up on the floor anyway. Really, they just sped the process along. Thanks guys, love you too!

It's all fun and games until someone gets dropped..

It's all fun and games until someone gets dropped..

Following Christmas, was as you know, Boxing Day. Now, while this Boxing Day started out like any other - my mother completely removing decorations, lights, the tree and basically any form of Christmas spirit by 11am - you see why the Grinch is a fave in Shawville right!? - it most certainly did not pan out the same. What was different to all the other Boxing Days we have enjoyed you ask? Diamonds, my friends, diamonds. We were very excited to receive a phone call from my sister and best friend who had left the night before on a roadtrip, that informed us (and by informed I mean squealed in our ears) she was "ENGAGED!" Despite the fact we had been told previously by one now fiance, we were just as excited and over the moon to hear! With that in mind, the next few days have been a whirlwind of cupcakes, champagne, and happy tears - so you can see why I have been a little absentee.

Following all this excitement, it was nice to enjoy a low key barbeque and drinks with all our friends for NYE. Spending it surrounded by beautiful people is really the only way to start. So on a soppy note, I hope all of your dreams come true this year and I wish you luck in every goal you have set. Here's to 2015, may it be better then 2014 and a one hell of a preview for 2016.

Nat x x x