by Natalie Shaw

The naivety that some of us possess will never cease to amaze me. It is not always a quality that should be frowned upon, don't get me wrong, but then it doesn't always serve us well either. Like most facets of our beings, to be naive is both a blessing and a curse.

Some of us have an innocence about us that leads us to believe in the greater good. A child like characteristic that makes us see the best in others - even when sometimes, there isn't any good to be found. This very capability allows us to find beauty where there is hatred, colour when there is only grey. We learn that we can read between the lines and find that chapter others had deemed lost. These types of people are some of the most profound. They are pure, they are kind, and in that, they are beautiful. Unfortunately, these people are also the beautifully misinterpreted.

They are often believed to be stepping stones for those less naive, the realists. They are walked over, pushed around and made to have their naivety thrust out of them. This is the curse and blessing in one. This is why we have war, prejudice, and evil. This is why we hurt. Because we judge before we understand, we act before we have listened and we never really see. Truth is, we could all use a little naivety in our lives. Maybe then we'd all be safer from ourselves. Maybe then, we would find some peace.


This year has seen some truly devastating acts, here's hoping 2017 can be a little brighter.. xxN


by Natalie Shaw

The most beautiful people aren't beautiful in their complexion alone. Often you'll find their beauty is found in what and who they are and the way in which they carry themselves. It's not always those who are considered to be perfect who can hold ones interest, but it is those who have found perfection in their flaws. They don't give up in the face of danger, fear or grief. They were taught never to leave a man behind and they fight for everything they believe. They are beautiful because they have seen pain, heart ache and loss. They are beautiful because they can still find beauty in others who have damaged them beyond repair. They are beautiful because they have hope, and they are heroes because they are still standing tall against the weight of all odds. Next time you are jealous of someone, just stop to imagine what has made them this way. It's not always the easiest path.

Sometimes even heroes need to have a rest, and sometimes they too need to fall. It doesn't make them any less of a hero, it just makes them human. Beautifully human.

I can't.

by Natalie Shaw

Don't get me wrong. I am all for remakes of movies, TV shows, music etc. It's fun, and usually, really exciting when done well. Take Little Red Riding Hood with Amanda Seyfried for example - I love when a classic Disney tale is turned a little sinister and taken back to its darker roots. I love when shows, like 90210, that you miss are brought back and made new. I love when movies are turned into a series, a la the Carrie Diaries (bring it back people!). But what I don't love, is when they decide to touch particular classics that should not be touched. Some films are just not remakeable. You could never have another Chandler Bing - just watch the reruns - nor could you replace Seth Cohen. 10 things I hate about you would simply be 10 things I hate about this remake, and let's be honest, Regina George will never be able to victimize anyone like that again. What about Never Been Kissed? A Walk To Remember? Or My Best Friend's Wedding!? Could you really imagine anyone else playing these characters? I think not. Titanic! Do I even have to justify that? Although, I would like to see a Rose that doesn't take up the whole damn door. Selfish bitch. But, in hopes of not getting caught up that whole other tirade - I can trash talk Rose for hours, years even - I bring you the reason for this rant. She's All That. It's in the name. She is all that, the movie is all that. The rumours that they want to reboot this film? No. Just no. A favourite of mine, that I can probably (definitely) recite from start to finish, this movie is just not meant to be remade. It is perfect the way it is, and in my opinion, should not be touched. It should just be watched. Over and over and over... Movie marathon this weekend anyone?

Think Pink with Nicole Richie!

by Natalie Shaw

This post will be in no way long because I may or may not still be too incredibly over the moon to type. Like literally on cloud nine. If you know me, follow me on social media, have worked with me and seen/talked inspirations, you would know that Nicole Richie is my biggest hero, style icon and all round girl crush. It has been my dream to meet her. A life goal you might even say. One that I clearly never thought would happen but TOTALLY JUST HAPPENED. Yep! I MET NICOLE RICHIE. Colour me excited. And pink.

How might very well be a question you are asking or thinking out loud considering we are not face to face. Well my dears, Westfield Parramatta hosted a Fashion Workshop and Exclusive Cocktail Party in conjunction with Myer and the ATC Races, and there my friends is where it all went down. We chatted, we laughed, we took selfies. So. Many. Selfies. And I fell in love even more. This girl was so nice and genuine, and even more gorgeous and stylish in person.

I was lucky enough to have been given a plus one and thus took my mum and bestfriend for a cute mother/daughter date. Upon arrival we were given champagne and fancy pants canapes - none of which I could really take in given my excitement, much to the poor waitress' dismay. Points for effort though - that girl really tried to entice us. I'll try your beetroot smoked something rather next time, promise! We then waited, chatting to other guests, for the girl of the moment to arrive. I think I almost wet myself with excitement - probably for the best I didn't drink.

At around half past five, in she walked looking beautiful in head-to-toe Balmain. She was asked a few questions by the host - "what are you expecting for your first time at the races this weekend?" Understandably, she began to fumble a little having never attended before, until, "horses?" Good one mum. Nicole enjoyed that though and wholeheartedly agreed, "Yes, I should hope there are horses!"  Ice broken. From there on Nicole mingled, chatted and was more than happy to take a million (and one) photos before we were taken down to join the front row of her Fashion Show alongside Nikki Phillips, Toni Maticevski and Johnny Schembri of By Johnny. Here, when Nicole walked on stage, I scored a special little wave - it pays off to suggest a selfie, obviously, and I most definitely entered cloud nine. And it is here that I have taken up residence since.

This is a night I will never forget. I will be posting a few more exclusive images over the next few weeks via instagram, ( @natalieshaw_xo ) so feel free to follow for more. Until then... I think it's time I dyed my hair back to pink, don't you? ;)


Okay, seriously.

by Natalie Shaw

What I want to know is why, when there is a whole carriage free, do people sit next to you? Why, when the whole cinema is empty, do they sit directly behind or in front of you? And why, for the love of God, do superheroes voices go mysteriously deeper because they have put on a mask? I see no logic.

So that just happened..

by Natalie Shaw

"We should totally go see the boys at their final show.. in Perth." "I actually would though." "Me too.."

You have probably noticed by my countless social media posts - that I am in no way sorry for - I have a teensy weensy, massive crush on Harry Styles and co. I talked my friend, Liss, into coming to their amazing Sydney show the other week - something that made sense considering we live in Sydney. I mean you can see the logic right? Right. Liss then fell in love - I quite literally created a monster and it could not be more great - and we may or may not have spontaneously flew to Perth for their final show. Maybe. We definitely did. And it was probably not so logical, but boy was it brilliant. And you know what's even more brilliant!? Being about eight or so people away from the stage. Hello heaven and cue almost fainting at least 5 times. Joking. Kind of. #stillnotsorry


by Natalie Shaw

Ice cream. That’s what makes the world go round really, none of this love crap. Don’t be fooled by the promises, games or “I’ll text you tomorrow’s,” they are only a poor man’s gelato. They aren’t deserving of your time, you are better then that. And so, in light of Cupid’s ridiculous day (some call it Valentine’s day, others deem it vomit day – your pick really) I’ve got to thinking. Why are so many girls spending this lovely (crappy) holiday alone with ice cream? Or chocolate or copious amounts of champagne – pick your vice. But more importantly, why are they criticized for this?

To be single wasn’t a crime the last time I checked. Although to be fair, I didn't actually check. It’s just common knowledge. Do the math. You’re single, you are by yourself, doing what you what want to do, when you want to do it and you answer to no one. How is this not amazing?
They say you should learn to love yourself before you are capable of loving someone else. Well then, this is you loving yourself. Buy a bunch of roses, a box of chocolates or a god damn teddy bear and give it to YOU. And if anyone asks, it was from a secret admirer. (I’ve got your back.)

In all seriousness now, when it comes down to it, the reason most of us girls are “alone” this vomit day, is for one reason. We have standards. High ones. Sometimes impossible to reach ones, unless you climb a ladder standing on a stool and reach way over-head. But that’s okay; you’re not alone (in the grander sense of course, we’ve already established you are in fact, alone.) We all have them. Myself especially. My sister has said to me for a very long time now, “You are impossible!” “Why not give him a chance?” and my personal favourite, “You are too picky.” What she has failed to realise however, is that I whole- heartedly agree. I am picky. I won’t settle for someone who doesn't make me laugh, or who doesn't understand the need to turn up on time (or in some cases at all. You know who you are. Arse.) I won’t settle for someone who is incapable of comprehending chivalry and I wont settle for anything less then butterflies. Maybe that’s silly and maybe that’s my inner-bookworm coming out. Or maybe, that’s what makes a female the scary “HM” that makes a guy run for the hills. High Maintenance.

All of us deny it. We don’t want the label nor do we want the connotations it brings. To be categorisied as a “hell of a lot of work.” It’s not the nicest description. But why the hell not? I am a lot of work. So this is the way I see it.

We have to work our way from the bottom to get anywhere in life. The dreams we have are rarely handed over on a silver platter, unless you look like Mila Kunis. Even then, the poor girl has to put up with Ashton Kutcher. (I’m totally kidding, lucky bitch.) We find ourselves in shitty jobs, unpaid internships, and sometimes, on coffee runs. Once we finally reach our goals, however, this doesn't matter. We almost feel thankful for the hard times, because we survived. We worked for it and we achieved it. The same can be said for a lot of circumstances, including friendships. With this in mind, why shouldn’t someone have to work to be with us? What makes us any less of an achievement? We should be chased, courted and treated right. Doors should be opened – and knocked on, none of this texting or honking from out front business – and efforts should be made.

If you find yourself still doubting this motive, then I advise you watch “Friends.” Monica is the definition of the dreaded HM. She, like you, refuses to hold this title. She tries her best to convince herself and her friends, that really, she is laidback. So laidback in fact, that her boyfriend, Chandler, is dragged, by her, to the coffee shop to recite a speech, by her, about just how laid back she is. Obviously. Much to her dismay, Chandler admits that she is a little bit HM. But then he says something that makes the letters seem much less scary. He says, “...You’re passionate, and that’s good...they can say you’re high maintenance, but it’s okay, because I like maintaining you.” Well said, my friend; well said.

So finally let me leave you with a little bit of advice. Don’t apologise for being picky, high maintenance or having high standards. Don't apologise for being alone. Don’t settle for anything less then you deserve. Wait for the one who tries his hardest, who is willing to change for the better, and who makes you laugh. Not the one who is the better guy, but the one who makes you a better girl. Don’t be caught up in this hallmark bullshit, it’s not Valentines day, or even vomit day for that matter, it’s just Saturday. And on Saturday, I won't apologise for being me. But I might be swayed by ice cream.

Nat x x x

Just keep dancing like you're twenty.. three?

by Natalie Shaw

Right. I have been MIA again but I have a damn good reason this time. IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY WEEK! I grew older in years maybe, but I most definitely did not (and will not ever) grow up. To celebrate the end of my catchy Tay Sway tune era, I road tripped to Tamworth with a bunch of friends where we spent two nights and three days exploring, dancing, eating and laughing at the Tamworth Country Music Festival. Pure gold. If you know me at all, which I hope you do by now, you know that I am country music addicted - so this trip was the icing on my gluten free cupcake. And yes, I got one of those too.

While the journey to and fro was long - and very torturous on the butt for those of us (ie me) who have an injured tailbone - the trip was totes worth it. Think glow in the dark balloons, a sworn rendition of "Happy Birthday" complete with sparklers, and four wheel driving. Think picnics, live music and tricks, busking, karaoke and cowboys. Think giant couches, delirious conversations and meowing presents. Think perfection and you've got my weekend wrapped up in a neat little bow. And below, you'll see it in all its photographed glory. Enjoy - I sure did! :)

Catch you on the flipside.. Nat x x x

Me, Myself and I..nstagram.

by Natalie Shaw

So here's the thing. I am a qualified stylist and creative director so in my defence that justifies my love and addiction of instagram. Surely. Humour me people, coz if it doesn't, then I am in some serious need of insta-rehab. And Nike rehab come to think of it, but that's a conversation for a whole other post. Where were we? Right! Instagram. Do you follow me? You should. We can totally be bestfriends. I post a mess of everything - fashion, lifestyle, friends and the fam bam, quotes, food - you name it, I've probably posted it at some point. And captioned it with a witty reference to Mean Girls. It's a very common theme to my feed. What I tend to post the most - or at least have the most fun creating - is stylised shots. I love making things pretty. A lot of the time that means creating mini shoots with different things I have, modelling clothes myself, and forcing my family into taking pictures or holding things in place just so, but on Thursday this was not the case. On Thursday I had work with lovely designer, boss and friend, Karen Gee.

While I was in there to write up the website descriptions for her beautiful new additions to the collection - I was soon abandoning this to play dress ups. The ultimate job really. Kaz was put into any designs I wanted and directed into some of the silliest and smallest corners to get some awesome insta shots. I also got to play with flat lays - and even had Kaz foot modelling for me, pushed very uncomfortably into a wall while I told her to "relax." She was a great sport. We got some awesome shots that will be up soon and I had a truly awesome day. It's almost too much fun when an instagram addict gets to run wild with instagram styling. Almost. Right, so about that rehab, where do I sign up?

Nat x x x

Follow: @natalieshaw_xo for more fun! && @karengeeofficial for truly stunning designs xx

Oh hey there 2015! Nice to meet you!

by Natalie Shaw

So I've been a really bad friend, I admit, and have been slacking off on updating you here with my every stupid and silly thought. You must be feeling so deprived. Before I apologise and swear to never go this long without speaking to you ever again (which is a total lie because lets face it, I will get super busy again and naturally forget about you), let me tell you this: my head is not the sanest place to be, hence the url "we're all mad here," so maybe, just maybe, I was actually doing you a favour. Also, I'm really sorry and I promise to never go this long without speaking to you again. Honest! ;)

Since we last spoke - a lot of exciting, happy, and some very terrifying, things have occurred - one of them including a diamond ring. Intrigued? Read on, I dare you.

First things first - the terror. So, there I was the eve of Christmas Eve, enjoying a very yummy gingerbread man, as you do, when I start to taste some blood, and suddenly, can not chew on one side. Not the norm obviously, so I run to the mirror to learn I have broken my tooth in half. The cookie was super soft, so I am unsure exactly how this occurred, but I have always been "special" so this wasn't the main concern. Neither was the pain, or what the repercussions or costs involved of a broken tooth would entail. No, my main concern came in one sentence spoken by my father; "I will call the dentist tomorrow." Now, I know that technically, I am an adult, and yes, technically, I am supposed to be brave and not be scared of the dentist. But I am not brave, and I am never going to grow out of this irrational fear, technicalities be damned. Who's with me!? Yeah, yeah, pipe down in front. I'm not finished yet. The real terror sunk in when the next day I was forced into the dentist chair and the evil, evil man - he's actually very nice - whips out a needle the size of China. Gulp. He proceeded to pull out the broken half, and tell me I needed a crown and that I would be coming back in January to get it. Upon learning that this was A) not anything like a princess crown and B) would be involving more needles, I high tailed it out of there as fast as my tiny size five feet could carry me with my poor father in tow. Just like a child really. #oops

I have managed to put the trauma of this behind me - for now - as we then enjoyed an amazing Christmas. With the day before spent in the kitchen whipping up some yummy allergy friendly foods including a brownie from scratch - just call me Jaime Oliver - and the night watching THE best Christmas movie of all time - The Grinch - I was feeling very merry indeed. Christmas Day was spent at ours surrounded by family and enough food to feed a small army, which is exactly the way I like it. The day did end with me face first on the ground however, as a result of my sister deciding it would be a great idea for all the cousins to hold me up in a photo like a "sausage." I disregarded the very unflattering sausage likening, very gallantly I thought, only for them to drop me straight on the ground. I may be small, but no one should be lifted after Christmas lunch. Let's be honest. For that reason, and that reason alone, I decided to forgive them. Also, it was actually hilarious and as a severely uncoordinated human, it is usually only a matter of time before I end up on the floor anyway. Really, they just sped the process along. Thanks guys, love you too!

It's all fun and games until someone gets dropped..

It's all fun and games until someone gets dropped..

Following Christmas, was as you know, Boxing Day. Now, while this Boxing Day started out like any other - my mother completely removing decorations, lights, the tree and basically any form of Christmas spirit by 11am - you see why the Grinch is a fave in Shawville right!? - it most certainly did not pan out the same. What was different to all the other Boxing Days we have enjoyed you ask? Diamonds, my friends, diamonds. We were very excited to receive a phone call from my sister and best friend who had left the night before on a roadtrip, that informed us (and by informed I mean squealed in our ears) she was "ENGAGED!" Despite the fact we had been told previously by one now fiance, we were just as excited and over the moon to hear! With that in mind, the next few days have been a whirlwind of cupcakes, champagne, and happy tears - so you can see why I have been a little absentee.

Following all this excitement, it was nice to enjoy a low key barbeque and drinks with all our friends for NYE. Spending it surrounded by beautiful people is really the only way to start. So on a soppy note, I hope all of your dreams come true this year and I wish you luck in every goal you have set. Here's to 2015, may it be better then 2014 and a one hell of a preview for 2016.

Nat x x x