For the Weetbix Kids

by Natalie Shaw

When I first heard about Weetbix Slice, I must admit, I was pretty excited. I mean, if it’s made with Weetbix, which is a breakfast food, then technically speaking, this treat would be perfect for breakfast, right? Regardless of when you opt for your healthy chocolate fix, you’ll need to know how to make it…


-       4 Gluten Free Weetbix

-       ½ Cup GF Flour – self raising

-       ½ Cup GF Flour – plain

-       ½ Cup chocolate chips (I opt for dark, gluten free)

-       1 Tbs Cacao Powder

-       ½ Cup Coconut – desiccated

-       ¼ cup Natvia

-       1 Egg

-       60-80g Lactose Free Butter (melted) Amount will depend on consistency once you start to mix

-       1 Tsp Vanilla Essence


-       ½ Cup Dark Chocolate (melted)

-       ½ Cup Nativa Icing

-       1/3 Cup Lactose Free Butter


1.     Crush weetbix and combine all ingredients in a bowl, mix well

2.     Pour into a square baking tin and cook at 180 for approx. 25 min or until the knife comes out clean

3.     Combine melted chocolate, butter and icing mix in a bowl and mix well

4.     Poor over cooled slice and place in fridge to set.

Note: Keep checking the slice every 5 minutes or so if you are serving straight away – the icing is best soft rather than completely set. Of course, this is personal preference so have a play! The more chocolate the merrier!

Much love,