Crunchy Chocolate Slice

by Natalie Shaw

If you, like nearly every other person on the planet, grew up loving ‘Honey Joys,’ then something tells me you’re going to love this peanut butter flavoured, chocolate coated version. If you are the other 2%, you’ll probably love it too.


-       3 Cups Kelloggs GF Cornflakes

-       1 ½ Cup Dark Chocolate Chips (Enjoy Life Foods) or lactose free chocolate of choice –

        Moo   Free would also work.

-       ½ Cup Rice Malt

-       Just under a ¼ Cup natvia

-       ¼ Cup Lactose Free Butter (My Bio Life)


1.     Combine peanut butter, chocolate chips, rice malt, natvia and butter in a large glass bowl.

2.     Microwave for approx. two minutes while stopping to stir.

3.     Pour cornflakes into a snap lock bag and press down to crush into small pieces.

4.     Add cornflakes to other ingredients and mix well – make sure cornflakes are entirely coated.

5.     Spread evenly into a glass dish/air tight container and refrigerate for 2-3 hours until set.

6.     Slice into squares and serve.

Note; You could also try adding crushed nuts for extra crunch and/or replacing the cornflakes with rice bubbles for a chewier texture.

Much love,

Nat x x x