Duk, Duk, Goose.

by Natalie Shaw

Ever since a generous gift package from Table of Plenty arrived at my door some time ago, I have been addicted to all things Table of Fun. For whatever reason, I have never got around to trialing the dukkah varieties, but upon doing so a few weeks back, I have officially jumped on the ‘dukkah on everything’ train. If you want to jump on too, I’m selling tickets in the form of the recipe for my favourite combo below. It’s about three steps or less and it couldn't be more simple or satisfying if it were fed to you by one Ryan Reynolds. Detect the lie if you can.


  • Free range chicken
  • Table of Plenty Dukkah - I used the Lemon and Herb variety
  • Egg White (optional)
  • Olive Oil spray
  • Salad, Veg to serve


  1. Spray pan with olive oil before cooking your chicken on both sides.
  2. Once both sides have been cooked give a light spray to the top and spread dukkah over the surface. Lightly press down with the back of your spoon.
  3. Turn and repeat.
  4. Serve with chosen accompaniment - I have found vegetable ratatouille is the perfect partner, you can find my recipe for this a few scrolls down. 

Note One - if using egg white, dip the chicken in before coating with dukkah and cooking on the pan. I find both methods work just as well. I use Pure Egg Life and Plus.

Note Two - now you see how quick and easy this is, think of better things to do with Ryan, yeah? ;)

Nat x x x