Smooth Operator

by Natalie Shaw

While the title of this post is very amusing, I know, it is not overly true. My smoothie making skills are anything but smooth - in fact, they resulted in a pink kitchen and Natalie. On the upside, the pink smoothie fun was in fact delicious and thus, while my not so trusty food processor decided to give me a preview mid making, I have opted to share the aftermath. Below is what I used to make this baby - enjoy!


  • Wheat Free Oats (1 cup)
  • Almond Milk (100ml)
  • Frozen Strawberries (80g)
  • Yogurt - your choice. I have made it with both vegan and non vegan varieties. This time I used Chobani Plain. Nudie Juice Coconut Yogurt also works well. (approx 50-70g)
  • Brookfarm Powerfood Muesli to top - or your choice of toppings. Shredded coconut would never go astray.


  1. Place strawberries and milk into processor and mix until the berries begin to break down. While doing so, I will say once and repeat 5000 times in my head, CHECK THE LID IS ON TIGHTLY. I speak from obvious experience.
  2. Add oats and yogurt. Blend until smooth.
  3. Pour into glass, not all over kitchen and self. Top with your choice of extras.
  4. Enjoy! Take a shower! Throw out your clothes! (but mostly, just enjoy. You're probably not covered in pink like me. And Regina.)

Nat x x x