Over nighters of the oaty variety.. (the best kind.)

by Natalie Shaw

Right. People have been making "soaked oats" or "over night oats" for thousands of years (probs not that long but lets run with it) and thus there are thousands of recipes online (probs much more accurate) and countless combinations. I am a little late on the uptake purely because being gluten free I never thought the alternative (rice flakes or something similar) would have the desired effect. After seeing more and more images that almost made me want to just eat the damn gluten, I decided why not give it a go. And you know what? I don't know why I didn't do this thousands of years ago. Despite the whole not being born thing. Of course. Anyway! Here's my combo that I have done thus far - I will definitely be playing with many more.

Also. Before I go on, you may have noticed on instagram that my first post about this gorgeous little meal was very under the fancy weather. This is proof of how damn good it is - I really enjoy making fun images usually, but could and did not contain myself with this concoction. I took one measly snap before it was all gone. You should probably make this if you haven't already. Jump on the over night band wagon with me - it's fun, I promise :)


  • Free and Lo Monster Muesli (or Rice Flakes - I would use Lowan's) I used 75g - give or take depending on your hunger levels of course!
  • A large banana
  • Approx 100ml Almond Milk (or your equivalent)
  • Yogurt of choice (As someone who doesn't do well on all lactose, I find Evia natural works for me, but you can substitute with lactose free or any variety that you like.)


  1. Place the "oats" into a small bowl and mix in the milk.
  2. Mash half the banana and stir in also.
  3. Pour this mixture into an are tight container and place in fridge over night.
  4. In the morning transfer to a bowl and top with yogurt and remaining banana. I'm sure you could heat it up and it would be nice too - this is my next trial - but as is (cold) is beyond amazing! Enjoy!