Rainbow Salad

by Natalie Shaw

Right. A little while ago I told you that I was going to post “Go-To Salads,” periodically and then, I never did. So nice of me, I know. Today, I’m going to share with you the base of my salads and some of the additives that up the anti. Consider this my peace offering. Since salads aren’t all that crazy, you can also ignore it and consider my upcoming sweet treat recipes the peace offering instead. Coming soon my friends, stay tuned! So much chocolatey fun to be had – right in time for the festive season.


  • Lettuce – I mix iceberg, spinach and rocket.
  • Diced Beetroot (I am a freak and only like Homebrand canned – choose whichever kind you like – the whole beets are just as fun I hear.)
  • Avocado – I quarter or half depending on what it is going with / how hangry I am.
  • Fresh Pineapple – I use up to two slices
  • Diced baby capsicums
  • Baby cucumbers
  • Baby Roma Tomatoes


  • Pepita seeds
  • Walnuts / Flaked almonds
  • Cubed cheese (Bio Lactose Free)
  • Grated carrot


  1. This doesn't require much “how-to.” Simply dice, chop, chuck in a bowl or a plate. You can serve it naked or dressed in the gorgeous Balsamic Vinegarette from this month’s Goodness Me Box.
  2. Eat! The most enjoyed step of all!

Catch you next time for something sweet!

Nat x x x


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