Vege Stack(s on!)

by Natalie Shaw

One night my family was having pasta bake for dinner. I love a good pasta bake. I love pasta anything actually. Pasta is good. Pasta is the food of the gods. The problem? I went to the cupboard and had no gluten free pasta left. Well. Cue my very unhappy mood! Rather than kicking up a three year old next level tantrum (they are too much fun! Really, tremendous stress relievers) I decided to make a vegetable bake instead. Basically, this consisted of me stacking any veges I liked the sound of, with layers of sauce between and baking in the oven much like pasta (but not quite, sigh). Considering how let down I was by this whole no gf pasta debacle, this dinner actually went down in history of my random recipes, as the the best baked thing since pasta bake. Now you know that means it's good right!


  • Zucchini (70 / 80g)
  • Eggplant (40 / 50g)
  • Sweet Potato (30 - 40g) - remember if you are on the Fodmap diet to test your tolerance
  • Parmesan Cheese (40 / 50g)
  • Pasta Sauce (I used Sue Shepherd Low Fodmap Roasted Veg) (80/90g)
  • Brown Rice (Tilda Basmati Pouches) (40 / 60g)
  • Gluten Free Crumbs / bread to crumble
  • Cooked chicken if you want some meat in there ;)

Note all quantities vary and are based on a single serve so please play!


  1. Slice all vegetables into long slices
  2. Press down on Zucchini and Eggplant between napkins to get rid of excess moisture
  3. Place in a layer of each vegetable in whichever order you choose (make her pretty!) before adding half your sauce and some brown rice. If you like, add half the chicken.
  4. Repeat as above
  5. Sprinkle with ground sea salt for some extra flavour if you wish
  6. Cover with grated Parmesan cheese and sprinkle with crumbs
  7. Bake for approx 30 mins or until golden brown.
  8. Eat!

And voila! Your go-to meal when you have no pasta or are trying to behave or are just plain old craving a vege stack! Tag me in any remakes - would love to see! Enjoy! @natalieshaw_xo