Pretty please with sprinkles and banana on pop?

by Natalie Shaw

I promised something sweet and now I have delivered. I spent the weekend testing four new clean slices, one of them being a caramel slice that was definitely perfected judging by the family eating it all in one go. Thanks guys, share next time! With that being said, the other three are not quite there yet - works in yummy progress - so instead, I will be sharing with you these quick and easy treats I made as a snack in between. It was a pretty delicious weekend.

I have christened these little guys "Nana Pops" - not overly original I'll admit, but nevertheless incredibly good. Basically, in a nutshell I've dressed the bananas up pretty and frozen them onto a paddle pop stick - genius right?! I have only pictured my plain chocolate pops, but, I will give you a few of my add-ons too. You're welcome!


  • Bananas
  • Paddle pop sticks
  • Sprinkles (gluten free for my favourite friends)
  • Your choice of: homemade chocolate, Nutella or my personal fave, Nuibella Choc Coconut Spread. (found at:
  • Optionals that will be detailed after the recipe.


  1. Cut your banana into two chosen lengths - one longer then the other.
  2. Spear the short half onto the paddle pop stick before spreading with chocolate and covering in sprinkles.
  3. Spear the longer half on top sandwiched together. Freeze!

Super easy!


What I like to do sometimes, is step it up a notch. Shall we?

  • Dip the longer end of the banana into rice malt syrup and roll in chopped nuts, extra sprinkles, chocolate chips, shredded coconut. Any or all of the above really!
  • Replace or include the chocolate with peanut butter or almond spread.
  • Drizzle with cacao "chocolate" sauce

The options are limitless - and the recipe is faultless. The trickiest part is getting the paddle pop stick directly down the middle of both banana halves. Not overly important - it all looks the same once eaten - but for presentation purposes, I wish you luck! As always, tag me should you use the recipe - would love to see! @natalieshaw_xo

This recipe is gluten free, soy free, low fodmap, dairy free, vegan.

This recipe is gluten free, soy free, low fodmap, dairy free, vegan.

Until next time.. x x x