Who am I? That's a secret I'll never tell. But also.. They call me Nat or Natalie

– they have for twenty four years now. Don’t be fooled by that number though, I’m a child at heart and always will be. I don’t mean to say that I’m immature, or I am afraid of what’s under my bed – my shoes are much too beautiful to be feared – but I do have a huge imagination and I do have a tendency to daydream. I think that’s where my creativity comes from and why I could never be in an office fulltime. I’d rather be designing, writing, discovering – that and watching Disney.

I tend to ramble, my thoughts are never in sequence nor do my sentences ever meet - so let's keep this short and sweet. And I promise I won't rhyme again. Maybe.

In a nutshell, I love to read, I love to write. I love music, I love fashion, styling and blogging - and am fluent in movie quotes and lyrics. I have a brain jam packed with useless facts and I will spout them out at any given time, and I am forever getting lost. I am a qualified Stylist and Creative Director, published Journalist, aspiring Nutritionist, full time Blogger and Daydreamer, and Instragram addict. Basically I'm your new best friend.

Need a personal stylist? Done! Need someone to tell your story? I got this. Want to expand your social media? I'd love to! Trying to endorse your brand/product? Just say the word. Or let me, I like talking. See? I'm rambling again.

My point is this. I am a passionate Creative Director and Blogger of all forms, with my finger in a million different jars. Anything in the creative realm interests, fuels and inspires me - and through this website I hope you can understand a little of what I do and how I can help you.

I think you'll find it's all fairly self explanatory - insights into my work, recipes etc. The Lost Girl Diaries acts as my blog. Inspiration, musings, randomness. It's my mess really, don't clean it up - just enjoy the unfiltered process. Ever heard the saying "food for thought is no substitute for the real thing"? Think of this as an appetizer. Then head on over to Allergy Queen for some of the real stuff. Because lets face it, girl's gotta eat.

So my friends, join me as a self confessed daydreamer. I’ll take you for a fall down the rabbit hole, smack bang into Neverland, where we’ll be styled happily ever after. I like adventures, don't you?

x x x